Medicine and Hygiene

Title page of the medical and surgical volume containing an appendix on the hygiene of camps and military hospitals, by John Jones (1729-1791), Professor of Surgery in King's College, New York. Photograph, courtesy of the Library of Congress. Dr. Benjamin Rush, courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine Title page of "Directions for Preserving the Health of Soldiers: Recommended to the Consideration of the Officers of the Army of the United States." By Benjamin Rush, M.D. Published by Order of the Board of War. Lancaster: John Dunlap, 1778. Photograph, courtesy of the Library of Congress.
"Soap is another article in great demand--the Continental allowance is too small, and dear, as every necessary of life is now got, a soldier's pay will not enable him to purchase, by which means his consequent dirtiness adds not a little to the disease of the Army." — George Washington, Letter to the Committee of Congress, July 19, 1777