Washington at the Battle of Trenton. Engraving by Illman Brothers. 1870, from painting by E.L. Henry. Retreat at Long Island. Engraving by J.C. Armytage from painting by M.A. Wageman.

Chronology - 1776

January - Henry Knox brings Fort Ticonderoga's guns by ox-drawn sled to Cambridge, Massachusetts. British set fire to Norfolk, Virginia.
February - Battle of Moore's Creek, North Carolina.
March - British forces evacuate Boston after American forces capture Dorchester Heights.
May - France send arms and ammunition to America. American forces begin to retreat from Canada.
June - Siege of Charleston, South Carolina.
July - The Declaration of Independence. The British fleet led by William Howe arrives in New York harbor.
August - Battle of Long Island, New York. Battle of Kip's Bay, New York. George Washington's troops retreat across the East River to Manhattan to avoid capture.
September - Battle of Harlem Heights, New York. New York City is destroyed by fire. American forces evacuate from New York City. Nathan Hale is executed by the British.
October - Battle of White Plains, New York.
November - British capture Fort Washington, New York and Fort Lee, New Jersey. George Washington retreats across the river into New Jersey.
December - Newport, Rhode Island is captured by the British. Battle of Trenton, New Jersey.